About the Building

This is where life is lived.

The best thing about shared living is of course the communal aspect. To ensure that all the hard work does not get in the way of your social life, there are a number of communal spaces available to residents:


As soon as you enter you will find a comfortable seating area and a big screen for your enjoyment.

Common room with kitchen

For larger study groups, people wanting to cook together or simply for students with lots of friends, a large common room with cooking facilities offers plenty of space for spending time together.


To make sure you get enough exercise while you study, Campus Studios has an exclusive gym on the premises.


The building has its own sauna, ensuring that relaxation is on the doorstep of every student. After a hard workout, a tiring day at uni or if you simply wish to chill out in the evenings, everyone who wants to can come and work up a sweat.

Party room

Yes, we know that studying is important and should be taken seriously. However, all work and no play does make Jack a dull boy. For this reason, Campus Studios also has a dedicated party room which can be used by all residents to have a good time.

Music room

Campus Studios is not home just to students, but also to some talented musicians. To help further this talent, there is a music room available to all musicians for creative band practices, jamming sessions and private vocal rehearsals.


Hotel Mum has shut up shop and real life has now begun, or at least in regard to doing your own laundry. Who wants to turn up to uni or a party in a dirty shirt? To prevent this situation, there is a laundrette with washing machines and tumble dryers.

Bike storage room

Vienna is ideal for travelling from A to B by bike. To ensure bikes are kept safe at night, there is a lockable bike storage room to protect your bike from wind, bad weather and theft.

'Quiet room'

Students who like to enjoy some time for contemplation can refuel in the 'quiet room', take some time to think and find their inner self.