Akademikerhilfe is the other contractual party for your accommodation. But who is behind the name? Akademikerhilfe owns and operates Campus Studios, along with 27 other student halls of residence across Austria – they really know what they're doing! Since 1921, the volunteers who work for this non-profit organisation have been committed to their goal of offering accommodation to students in all of Austria's university towns. These volunteers are supported by a team of dedicated employees, based at the halls of residence themselves, and at the Akademikerhilfe head office.

A lot of our administration is done electronically, including registration. All you need to do is go to our website and click on 'Register'. A declaration will appear and you will then be taken to the registration page. Don't worry, this is just because our parent company, Akademikerhilfe, deal with our room bookings.

When you register, you can specify the studio prize you would prefer (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL). If you already have a specific room number in mind or have any other special requests, just e-mail us (studentservice@akademikerhilfe.at) and we will try our best to accommodate them.

The most important thing is to make sure you register with us first. Once you are on the system, we will put you on a waiting list and let you know as soon as a studio becomes available for you.

We offer all-inclusive prices that cover all your monthly living costs, including the use of your room and communal areas, all overhead costs, electricity, internet access and TV licence fees plus VAT. This means you won't have to worry about making any additional payments.

To make life easier for you, we have divided the fees into one-off and repeat payments.
One-off payments:
  • Registration fee: EUR 20 (to be paid at the end of the registration process)
  • Processing fee: EUR 30 (to be paid once you have signed the contract)
  • Deposit: EUR 1200 (to be paid once you have signed the contract)
  • Plus, the first month's accommodation payment will be due once you have signed the contract.
  • Check-out cleaning charge: EUR 100 (to be deducted from your deposit when you move out)

Repeat payments:

  • Monthly accommodation payment: the amount will depend on the size of your studio, but payment will always be taken on the fifth day of the month
  • Contribution to Residence Representation: EUR 30 (to be paid when you move in and then every October after that)

If you have any questions about pricing, your studio management team will be happy to help you.

In order to reserve a room for you, we will need a SEPA direct debit mandate from you to enable our parent company, Akademikerhilfe, to take your accommodation payment from your account each month. Payments will always be taken on the fifth day of each month. Please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account to avoid being charged overdraft fees.
To explain this fee, we need to make one thing clear: Campus Studios is a student halls of residence as per the German Student Accommodation Act which requires the monthly fees to be classed as accommodation payments rather than 'rent'. The accommodation payment is a monthly charge that covers all your living costs, including overhead costs, electricity, internet and TV licence fees plus VAT.

The registration fee covers the administrative costs of registration. This fee is EUR 20, which is to be paid by credit card at the very end of registration to complete the process.

The processing fee covers the costs of data management and the booking of the room. This fee is EUR 30, which is to be paid once you have signed the contract, along with the deposit and first month's accommodation payment.

A building fee of EUR 30 has to be paid once a year – either when you move in or in October – to cover damages that cannot be attributed to a particular cause. If there is money left over from all the building fees paid in once any damages have been covered, this will be passed onto the accommodation office to be used for communal purchases in the next academic year. So the less damage there is, the more the residents benefit!

The deposit is EUR 1200 and it provides security in case of outstanding accommodation payments and for the costs of repairing damage to rooms.

You can move into your studio on the first working day of the month in which your contract begins. Please get in touch with our studio management team beforehand to arrange a move-in date. We would recommend you do this as far in advance as possible, to have a better chance of getting move-in date you want. You should definitely bring:
  • bedding (pillows, duvet and your favourite blanket)
  • bed linen (the beds are 1 m wide in the XS, S and M studios and 1.4 m wide in the L, XL and XXL studios)
  • towels and your toothbrush
  • a few essentials for your kitchen (mugs, plates, glasses etc.)

You do not need to bring:

  • furniture
  • TV
  • wireless router.

When you first arrive at your studio, please check the inventory and return it to the studio management team. The studio management team will then be happy to sign your residence registration form.

We will always try our best to find a solution to suit you. If you are unable to move in during office hours, please get in touch with our studio management team.

The answer here is maybe! Our studio management team will be happy to let you know whether you can move in at an earlier date. Just email them with your ideal move-in date and they will find out if it's possible. If you'd rather contact them by telephone, that's fine too!

All citizens have to register at the registration office within three days of moving into a new home. Equally, all citizens have to deregister within three days of moving out of their home.

You will need this code to log into the Akademikerhilfe online portal. You can use the portal to manage your personal details, submit requests if you are changing rooms and extend the contract for your accommodation.

The online portal is our practical 'insider platform' provided by Akademikerhilfe. You can use the portal to manage your personal details, submit requests if you are changing rooms and extend the contract for your accommodation. You should have been sent an email containing your login details before moving in. Why not try it out at https://portal.akademikerhilfe.at/Login. (Provide link please)

The contract for your accommodation will usually be valid from 1 October–30 September, unless you move in after 1 October or move out before 30 September. However, if you don't want to move out on 30 September, you can renew your contract with us. We will send you an email in April with all the information you need about how to do this. If you do decide to extend your contract, you can do so via the Akademikerhilfe online portal. Our studio management team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this.

We know that sometimes things don't go to plan – maybe you didn't get the results you were expecting, maybe you failed your entrance exam or maybe your whole life plan has just changed. You do have the option of cancelling your contract and, as long as you give the required two months' notice, you will get your money back, including the registration and processing fees. If you cancel your contract with less notice, we may retain up to two months' worth of accommodation payments.

If you have already successfully completed your studies and have your first job lined up, don't worry as you have the option of terminating the contract for your accommodation with good reason. However, you must give the required two months' notice and don't forget that this must be sent in writing to our accommodation office.

You will need to contact our studio management team to arrange a move-out date at least two weeks before your contract ends. Your room will be checked against the inventory. When you move out of your studio, please ensure that you have taken all your belongings with you. You will also need to take the rubbish out and leave the accommodation in a clean condition. If we have to dispose of personal belongings, the cost of having them removed will be deducted from your deposit.

The standard contract covers one academic year (October–September). Shorter contract terms are available, but the absolute minimum term is three months. You can enquire about this at our accommodation office.

Good for you! So you don't have to keep paying for your room when you're not there, let the Akademikerhilfe accommodation office know in plenty of time (at least two months before you leave). We will make sure a room is available for you at the start of the next semester.

Sorry to say: overnight stays are not allowed. Your friends are welcome to visit you - if you live in a double studio, you will need to talk to your roommate beforehand.